Aiming to improve the life quality of senior citizens, the City of Rijeka, “Rijeka Sport” and the Pensioners’ Association of the City of Rijeka enable its members to use the Kantrida swimming pools for recreational programmes intended for senior citizens, three times a week, free of charge.

Association members can take part once a week in organized sports recreation organised by the Rijeka Sports Association and the Educational Public Health Institute at the Kantrida swimming pools. Organized recreation includes blood pressure measurement, various thematic lectures and physiotherapist services. The pools are available for association members with expert guidance and other recreational programmes, which include adoption of various knowledge and skills (the art of falling, moving, etc.), as well as spending free time at the Swimming pool complex.

Contact: Pensioners’ Association of the City of Rijeka, tel: 051 / 212-109, e-mail:

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