The project "Rijeka Strolling Paths" was launched within the activities of the "Rijeka – Healthy City" Project Office

The project "Rijeka Strolling Paths" was launched within the activities of the "Rijeka – Healthy City" Project Office and it was realised in co-operation of the City of Rijeka and the mountaineering associations “HT i HP Učka”, “Duga” and “Bazovica” from Rijeka.

The idea about the Rijeka strolling paths starts from the intention to connect the southeastern-most point with the northwestern-most point of the city area with strolling paths, namely it is aimed at enabling walks from the eastern part of the city of Rijeka from Plumbum to Bivio and Preluk in the western part of the city.

Rijeka Strolling Paths- section Školjić - Matešićev mlin 8

“The ring” of the Rijeka strolling paths is divided into several sections and subsections (trails) that all begin and end at the bus stops of the urban bus carrier and pass through the most beautiful and the greenest city areas, with many historical monuments surrounding them. It is important to point out that all the trails are then connected to the well known hiking trails.

The joint project of the tourist boards of the city of Rijeka and the cities and municipalities included in the so called Rijeka Ring through the Rijeka Trails project includes strolling paths and hiking trails in Rijeka and its surroundings. The website of the Rijeka Trails project helps citizens and tourists to find their way along these strolling paths and hiking trails.

Up to now the following sections of the strolling paths have been opened:

Plumbum – Trsat

Within the project “Rijeka Strolling Paths” the first section of the strolling path from Plumbum passing trough the quarters of Donja and Gornja Vežica, Sveti križ and Strmica to Trsat, 11.5 km long was opened in 2011.

Trsat – Orehovica – Maršić

The second section, from Trsat to Orehovica, 2.5 km long, was opened in 2012, and is somewhat more demanding for walkers. It starts from the Youth Hall and ends in Orehovica where one can continue along the Rječina canyon, go to the city centre or climb the Mlikarica road to Hrastenica and further to Maršić in the Municipality of Čavle, the section is 4 km long.

Through the Rječina canyon

The third section from Orehovica to the graveyard in the quarter of Drenova heads through the canyon of the Rječina river, over the hill Veli vrh and the Cultural Centre in Drenova, is 9.8 km long. This path is very demanding, but it offers some picturesque landscapes of the canyon, old mills and breath-taking views from the slopes high above the canyon. A shorter section from Orehovica to the Matešić mill is 0.8 km long and it takes only 15 minutes walk.

On all sections, the landscaping works included tracing, land clearing, installation of information boards, waste baskets and benches, which are regularly maintained.

By the end of April 2014, the City of Rijeka set aside HRK 260,000.00 in order to realise this project, not including the funds necessary for regular maintenance of strolling paths and equipment.

Following a tender for co-financing projects of associations in the field of nature protection, environmental protection, ecology and sustainable development, the City of Rijeka supported the project of the Mountaineering Society Tuhobić, which in 2014 implemented two projects for tracing new strolling paths on the stretch St. Ana / Gušć-Draga-Rebar-St Cosmas and in the west part Pehlin-Benčani

New seaside promenade in the quarter of Costabella


Moreover, the City of Rijeka has initiated a further project relating to the seaside promenade from Preluk to the shipyard "3. maj ", within which in 2021 the seaside promenade in the quarter of Costabella was put in place. The works worth HRK 780 thousand included works on the seaside promenade 222 meters long below the "Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach" complex.

The purpose of the project "Rijeka Strolling Paths"

The strolling paths have been conceived for recreation, they are suitable for education, to deepen the knowledge of the flora and for a better orientation in space, and can be used to supplement the tourist offer of the city of Rijeka. Two sections (Veli vrh and Preluca-Bivio) are suitable for people with reduced mobility and for older people.

The project is aimed at encouraging citizens to move more for personal health, to walk, and to daily commute along the Rijeka strolling paths. In this way, the citizens of Rijeka will get to know their city better, the beauty of nature that surrounds the city, and they will be able to share such a landscaped space with all those who arrive in Rijeka.


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