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Administrative department for the activities of the Mayor, the City Council and local self-government

Legal, advisory, protocol, professional and administrative activities relating to the scope of activities of the mayor, the City Council and its working bodies. The right of access to information and protection of personal data, informing citizens through the media and city websites, the activities of local self-government, councils and representatives of national minorities and coordination activities for the Rijeka Urban Agglomeration.

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Administrative department of general affairs

Human resources management, labour law relations of the employees of the Public Fire Brigade of the City of Rijeka, of the Agency for Subsidised Housing Construction of the City of Rijeka and the Children's Home Tić, clerk’s office activities, occupational safety and fire protection, development and management of computer and electronic communication infrastructure, preparation and implementation of public procurement procedures.

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Administrative department of utility services and transport

The Administrative Department of Utility Services and Transport, carries out administrative and professional activities related to the performance of utility services, the construction and maintenance of utility infrastructure, and the maintenance of the community order in the territory of the city.

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Administrative department of urban planning, physical planning and construction

Physical and urban development planning and construction land development, preparation of spatial and project studies and project documentation for capital and development projects of the City, activities of the intermediary body of the Integrated Territorial Investment mechanism (ITI) in the territory of the Rijeka Urban Agglomeration and activities tied to the implementation of the ITI mechanism.

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Internal Audit Service

The Internal Audit Service carries out activities relating to the assessment of the internal control system of the City, providing an independent and fair professional opinion and advice with the aim of enhancing operation.

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Administrative department of finance

The Administrative Department of Finance carries out administrative and professional activities relating to budgeting and financial operation, accounting and bookkeeping activities, activities relating to the collection of municipal taxes and other income, activities of financial management and control.

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