A new kindergarten located between the old quarter Zamet-Baredice and the new quarter Krnjevo will have five educational groups for 90 children, two nursery groups and three kindergarten groups.

Project type: Conceptual solution and main project

Recognizing the need for existence of a special institution for the education of pre-school children in the Italian language, i.e. children belonging to the Italian minority in the territory of the city of Rijeka, the Italian Union, the Community of the Italians of Rijeka and the City of Rijeka have reached a partnership agreement for the construction of a new kindergarten. The location was chosen in the quarter Krnjevo that is intended for the construction of a preschool building in the General Urban Plan of the City of Rijeka and is bearing mark D4-17.

The new Krnjevo kindergarten is located in a quiet residential oasis, in the contact zone between the old quarter Zamet-Baredice and the new quarter Krnjevo. It is planned on protected and sunny land on a surface slightly over 3,500 sq.m. It will have five educational groups for 90 children, two nursery groups and three kindergarten groups organised with accompanying contents on overall 1,450 square meters of useful area. Playgrounds sheltered by greenery, an access road, a square at the entrance, an economic courtyard and a car park with a total of 24 parking spaces will be put in place and equipped on the external ground. The roof will be green and one of its surfaces is planned for the construction of a 10 kW solar plant.

The preparation of project documentation was entrusted to the architectural office ADE STUDIO from Zagreb led by  architect Sanja Borisavljević. The architects conceived the future kindergarten as a two-storey building. On the ground floor, along the southern façade, there are two nursery groups and a younger kindergarten unit, and along the northern one there is a multi-purpose hall, connected to the communication area into a single unit, and economic and service rooms. The floor is intended for two kindergarten units for older children and professional staff. Access to the building and internal communications are designed without architectural barriers, so that people with disabilities, i.e. reduced mobility will be able to use the kindergarten.

The investors of the project are the City of Rijeka in the segment of land ownership arrangement and the equipment, maintenance and management of the kindergarten, while the Italian Union in the segment of preparing project documentation, obtaining necessary permits and the construction of the kindergarten.

Project type: Conceptual solution and main project

Beginning of the project: 2014

Project status:

The preliminary project was completed and the location permit issued in May 2015. Towards the end of 2016, legal and property preparations were completed and land is completely owned by the City of Rijeka. Having regard to financial problems, the Italian Union, has suspended further investments, including the completion of project documentation and the project is now in a standstill. In the event that, in an optimal timeframe, the Italian Union fails to complete project documentation and fails to start construction, the City of Rijeka will take over the project and will realise it for all children, regardless of nationality.

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