With the aim of informing the general public, these pages enable citizens an insight into the drafting process of the City of Rijeka Development Plan 2021-2027, as well as the future Development Plan.

At the beginning of the new decade, cities face unprecedented development and planning opportunities, but also hitherto unknown challenges. We live in a time when we cannot predict with certainty the technological possibilities, nor the climatic, demographic and health challenges that await us in 10 years. Everyone wants Rijeka to be a city that is ready, open, adaptable and resilient to the changes and challenges that await it.

In the transition from the industrial to the digital era, Rijeka has shown that it has the strength to be creative, that it can adapt and find a new intended use for its old premises, its innovation, creativity, multiculturalism and industrial tradition.

In the strategic planning process, the vision of Rijeka is being developed for the next 10 years as a basis for all other planning documents which are prepared in accordance with European and national guidelines. The process of drafting the Development Plan and the Development Plan itself will be available to citizens on these pages.

Development plan drafting process

At its meeting held on 27 May 2020, the City Council adopted the Decision whereby initiating the procedure for drawing up the City of Rijeka Development Plan for the period from 2021 to 2027.

On 6 October 2020 the Conclusion whereby appointing the Task Force for the need to draw up the Development Plan was adopted, including: the Mayor of Rijeka, the Councillor of the Mayor for Development and Economy, the head of the Department of Development, Urban Planning, Ecology and Land Management, the head of the Department of Entrepreneurship, the head of the Information Technology Department.

On 9 November 2020, the Communication Strategy for the development and implementation of the City of Rijeka Development Plan was adopted for the period 2021-2027.

On 14 December 2020, the mayor of the City of Rijeka adopted the decision whereby initiating the evaluation procedure relating to the need for a strategic assessment of the City of Rijeka Development Plan for the period 2021-2027.

Inclusion of the professional public

In the process of drafting the City of Rijeka Development Plan, a number of workshops were held with the professional public gathered around the following topics:

  • Working in Rijeka
  • Living in Rijeka
  • Getting around Rijeka
  • Maintaining Rijeka

The news / information from the workshops and panels attended by the professional public can be found in the thematic sub-pages of the Development Plan.

In addition, a round table was held on the development of Rijeka until 2030, which was attended by representatives of the professional public (previously gathered at workshops) and the mayor of Rijeka. The key topics of the panel were:

  • How do we see Rijeka today?
  • How do we imagine 2030?
  • What must we do to achieve the desired vision of the city by 2030?

The topics were discussed by: Ivo Usmiani, CEO of the pharmaceutical company JGL, Dario Zorić, director of Porin, city development agency, Tomislav Palalić, director of the Rijeka airport, Adam Butigan, director of the Public Institute for Physical Planning of the Primorje Gorski Kotar County and Vojko Obersnel, Rijeka mayor.

Citizens’ inclusion

As part of the drafting of the Development Plan, public consultations are being conducted, in which all citizens of Rijeka are invited to take part. The consultations with citizens on the future development of the city will be held from 19 January to 18 February 2020 on the website E-konzultacija (Savjetovanja) Grada Rijeke.

Key elements of the document titled the Development Plan

As an official document, the City of Rijeka Development Plan for the period from 2021 to 2027 will have the following components which are being prepared.

  • INTRODUCTION to the City of Rijeka Development Plan 2021 – 2027, which will include the following parts: The context and methodology of the development plan, the Legislative Framework, the Strategic Framework and the Fundamental Development Principles.
  • ANALYTICAL BASIS of the City of Rijeka Development Plan 2021 – 2027, which will include analyses of the current situation and data collected from the following fields: Basic data, Society (demography, social infrastructure and education, health, social security and social inclusion), Economy (general economic trends, labour market, business environment, tourism and culture), Urban environment (quality of urban environment, exposure to environmental and climatic risks, primary infrastructure, infrastructure for mobility and Internet connection, framework of development management) and a SWOT analysis.

Once completed, the analytical basis with the data collected from the above mentioned fields will be available on the following subpage:

  • The analytical basis of the City of Rijeka Development Plan 2021 – 2027
  • STRATEGY of the City of Rijeka Development Plan 2021 – 2027, which will include the following parts: Vision, strategic objectives, development guidelines, desired position, development principles, priorities
  • OPERATIONAL PLAN for the development of the City of Rijeka 2021 – 2027, which will include the following parts: Objectives, measures, activities
  • MONITORING OF THE IMPLEMENTATION of the City of Rijeka Development Plan 2021-2027, which will include lists of performance indicators of plan implementation
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