“The Media Corner“ is a measure included in the General Programme of measures aimed at incentivising the development of entrepreneurship that follows positive examples of entrepreneurs, organisation and participation in thematic events and it informs the public on city programmes and subsidies designed to co-finance entrepreneurial activities. The programme is aimed at informing the public about positive examples and programmes in the field of entrepreneurship in order to build a better image of entrepreneurship and to better understand an entrepreneurial career.

The city activities aimed at incentivising entrepreneurs are promoted through the manifestation “The Business Take-off of the City of Rijeka” that promotes entrepreneurial culture, start-up incubators and the urban tourist culture of the city of Rijeka.

Manifestation “The Business Take-off of the City of Rijeka”, which goal is to provide support to small and medium entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, was launched in 2014 by Poslovni dnevnik (Business Journal). Within the project best small and medium entrepreneurs in Croatia are chosen, training courses are offered intended to enable to craftsmen and entrepreneurs to gain additional knowledge and skills so that they can be more competitive in the market.

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