The Internal Audit Office of the City of Rijeka performs activities related to the evaluation of the internal control system, providing independent and objective expert opinion and advice with the aim of enhancing operation, all for the purpose of achieving business objectives by applying a systematic approach to evaluating and improving the efficiency of the risk management, control and governance processes.

These activities include:

  • development of a strategic and annual internal audit plan based on an objective risk assessment, as well as an individual internal audit action plan;
  • implementation of internal audit in the City’s administrative bodies, assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control system in relation to risk identification, assessment and management, compliance with laws and regulations, reliability and comprehensiveness of financial and other information, the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the business operation, and performing tasks and achieving goals;
  • implementation of internal audit of earmarked spending of budgetary funds with budget and non-budget beneficiaries founded or co-founded by the City;
  • pointing to irregularities and non-compliance with laws and other regulations, and proposing measures for their elimination and business improvements;
  • preparation of reports on performed internal audits, monitoring the implementation of the given recommendations stated in the report on performed internal audit, and other reports in accordance with the regulatory framework;
  • cooperation with the Department for Harmonization of Internal Audit and Financial Control within the Ministry of Finance as the Central Harmonization Unit and the State Audit Office
  • performing other tasks in accordance with the law, other regulations and by order of the mayor.
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