The programme activities of the Department include:

  • providing financial and material conditions for the work of the educational institutions set up by the City,
  • monitoring of the operation of the educational institutions set up by the City;
  • preparing proposals to determine education and school programmes above the state pedagogic standard to be financed from the city budget: programme intended for gifted elementary school pupils, extended sojourn programmes and whole-day teaching, early IT education, the civic education programme, the homeland education programme, the healthy eating programme, programmes for pupils and preschool children with particular needs, additional education intended for teachers and professional associates, competitions at city level, meetings, reviews, international and inter-city school co-operation
  • awarding scholarships to secondary school and university students by talent and social criteria and awarding scholarships to students who educate themselves for jobs in short supply, for which educational, social, heath and cultural institutions set up by the City express employment needs;
  • participation in the organisation of special events from the field of education and schooling
  • providing other programmes serving education and schooling


Preschool and elementary school educational institutions

The City of Rijeka is the founder of 26 educational institutions for which it provides budgetary funds in order to realise programmes and maintain and equip facilities.

  • Kindergarten “Rijeka”
  • 25 elementary schools in Rijeka
  • “Youth Centre” Rijeka


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