The activities carried out by this Department include as follows:

  • managing administrative and non-administrative procedures from the scope of urban planning and construction (decision-making on general
    issues and issuing attestations and certificates on the basis of the records kept by the Department),
  • issuing site development permits,
  • issuing site development information,
  • bringing in decisions whereby determining building plots,
  • verification of partition surveys,
  • granting building permits,
  • performance of the technical inspection of buildings and granting building inspection certificates,
  • verification of independent proprietary units within a building (determining condominium ownership).

The activities that relate to the implementation of urban planning and construction documents relate only to the territory of the City of Rijeka.

The Department for the implementation urban planning and construction documents carries out activities relating to the granting of site development permits, building permits and other acts tied to the implementation of urban planning and construction documents in the territory of the City.

The Construction Act (Official Gazette 153/13, 20/17, 39/19, 125/19), and the Planning and Development Act (Official Gazette 153/13, 65 / 17,114 / 18, 39 / 19, 98/19,) enable communication and submission of all attachments to requests for the issuance of site development permits and building permits, in electronic form. Projects are also submitted electronically with only one copy of the preliminary or main project, whereby reducing their contents and the cost of production. The investor is released from the obligation to fulfil special conditions and connection conditions that are normally subject to permit granting – the procedure is carried out by the administrative body through the eConference system; interested persons and the public are informed electronically, by establishing an electronic bulletin board.

The request for a building permit and other acts can be submitted via the ePermit system.



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