The City Department of Development, Urban Planning, Ecology and Land Management carries out activities and tasks tied to physical and urban planning, building land restructuring and environmental protection and sustainable development.

Activities that provide conditions for urban spatial management owing to physical and urban planning:

  • promotion of development strategies and land development projects in order to use land in a more efficient manner,
  • cooperation while implementing the system of interests coordination between the City and the interests of neighbouring communes, cities, the Primorje Gorski Kotar County and the Republic of Croatia,
  • preparation, coordination while producing and adopting spatial plans for the city territory,
  • organisation and coordination of spatial and project studies and project documentation for capital and development projects of the City and projects determined by the activity programme,
  • analysis of the situation in the field of transport, infrastructure, environmental protection and building heritage and proposing measures for their improvement,

Activities relating to building land restructuring:

  • resolving property and legal relations and technical preparation of building land for realisation of capital and development projects of the City, for the construction of facilities and restructuring of public areas, where the City is an investor, as well as for having land at its disposal,
  • collection of documentation, verification of documentation and implementation of proceedings in legal transactions in land owned by the City and participation and monitoring of court and other proceedings conducted in connection with land of interest to the City,
  • performing state administration tasks in land management that are within the competence of the City by law,
  • keeping records of land owned by the City

Environmental protection activities:

  • professional and analytical work, organising and managing the preparation of documents relating to the protection and improvement of environmental conditions and sustainable development, and the assessment of environmental impacts in respect of interventions carried out by the City,
  • informing the public about the environment, coordination and organisation of local events when marking important dates for nature and environmental protection and cooperation with local self-government and non-governmental organisations in the field of nature and environmental protection,
  • Tasks of preparing and managing capital projects in which the City is an investor as well as complex projects for other investors (until their realisation) and design, promotion and presentation of development projects of the City on the real estate market,
  • Tasks and functions of the Intermediary Body (IB) of Integrated Territorial Investments and tasks of implementing the Integrated Territorial Investment Mechanism (ITI mechanism)
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