This Department prepares, encourages and implements independently or in cooperation with other stakeholders systematic measures with the aim of enhancing entrepreneurial culture, introducing entrepreneurship education and training programmes for young people, acting of initial start ups, informing and educating entrepreneurs, encouraging the growth and development of small businesses through direct measures of grants and programmes and developing entrepreneurial infrastructure serving to perform entrepreneurial activities and programmes.

The Department analyses the situation in the local economy and prepares analyses and reports on the implementation of programmes, projects and incentivising measures in order to realise the goals of developing small businesses and proposes and ensures initial funds for implementing entrepreneurship development programmes. It also monitors the allocation of state subsidies and small value subsidies falling within its scope, in accordance with regulations on state subsidies.

This Department develops entrepreneurial infrastructure programmes, it proposes pre-incubator, incubator and business zones action programmes and monitors the business results realised by entrepreneurs in terms of growth and development through realised investments and new recruiting.

This Department co-ordinates projects that encourage regional development and entrepreneurship and in that sense it prepares projects for more favourable sources of financing under the EU funds and other sources and it finds foreign partners for common projects.

The Department promotes energy efficiency and the positioning and development of the small economy according to green industries, it enables education and information of the business sector on business development by applying energy efficiency and trends in the green industry market, it provides support to energy efficiency initiatives and takes part in the establishment of local energy strategies and action plans in cooperation with the business sector, with the aim of adapting the small economy to business conditions prevailing in the green industry market, energy efficiency implementation and sustainable development.

The Department cooperates with stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industries, it coordinates tourism development plans and projects, offers measure to support strengthening of all the forms of tourism aiming to develop tourism products and improve the offer of the Rijeka tourist destination. In the implementation of the acts that regulate the working hours of bars and restaurants, the Department proposes working hours of bars and restaurants and carries out an administrative procedure.

The Department monitors and supports the work of supporting institutions and companies that serve to develop entrepreneurship, small businesses, fishery and agriculture that are owned by the City.

The Department coordinates manifestations and fairs that are relevant for representing the City and its entrepreneurship and it proposes the purpose of business facilities that are let out on lease through the Department of Property Management.

While implementing the laws that regulate the issues falling within the scope of activity of this Department, the Department proposes normative acts, it implements administrative or non administrative procedures, reports to competent authorities on the implementation of such procedures.

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