The activities of the Department include:

  • planning, development and analysis of needs for constructing buildings, projecting and geodetic surveying for construction (including land purchase), constructing, transferring and taking over buildings into ownership,
  • managing development projects in cooperation with utility services and companies owned by the City of Rijeka and those that are majority owned by the City of Rijeka,
  • activities relating to traffic analysis, control and regulation,
  • coordination of utility companies and societies owned or co-owned by the City falling within the scope of activity of the Department,
  • approving subsidies for a grave site,
  • assigning the public water service relating to the cleaning of septic and collection pits,
  • determining utility rates, compensation for holding an illegally constructed building in an area, utility and other rates and monument annuities, as well as bringing in decisions, initiating collection and enforcement procedures falling within the scope of the Department,
  • granting concession approval for carrying out activities on the maritime domain and granting concessions for economic exploitation of maritime domain falling within the competence of the City of Rijeka, as well as taking care of the protection of maritime domain in general exploitation,
  • maintaining buildings, facilities and equipment of community infrastructure and their maintenance,
  • activities relating to the performance of utility services financed from funds collected on account of the utility rate,
  • activities relating to use and temporary use of public space, and other real property and commercial and advertising items owned by the City of Rijeka,
  • activities relating to the issue of licences to perform taxi services,
  • activities of communal wardens,
  • activities of traffic wardens.
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