Srdoči Kindergarten can boast the most modern design and best equipment in Rijeka, It hosts 7 educational groups; 3 nursery groups and 4 kindergarten groups.

There are 52 children enrolled in nursery groups, and 95 children in kindergarten groups.

The investment in the construction of the kindergarten amounts to HRK 29.8 million.

The kindergarten was built with carefully selected materials according to EU standards, while also taking into account the use of renewable energy.

The building has a total net usable area of 1,315.90 sq.m. and has two floors. On the ground floor, having an area of 1,061.00 sq.m., there are educational units of the kindergarten and nursery with accompanying facilities. The nursery part consists of three parts, while the kindergarten consists of four parts.

On the ground floor there is also an economic area with a kitchen, a workshop and accompanying technical areas. The administration of the kindergarten is located on the first floor, that has an area of 254.90 sq.m.

The roofs above the kindergarten and nursery complex are richly greened and serve as educational gardens.

36 photovoltaic panels with a total area of 72 sq.m. which should annually produce 10.2 MWh of electricity, have been installed on the roof of the parking lot that makes part of Srdoči Kindergarten.

The entire building is energy certified with the highest mark A+, which, for residential and non-residential buildings, indicates the most energy-efficient class according to the energy scale.

The kindergarten is equipped with educational aids and toys. Overall 147 children are included in 7 educational groups. 2 educators work in each group.

In addition to its regular programme, in two educational groups a sports programme is implemented. In the kindergarten, in cooperation with the Faculty of Teacher Education, Rijeka, internships are held for students of the Preschool Education Studies.

The project was designed by the architectural studio Penezić and Rogina Arhitekti. The contractor was company Radnik from Križevci, and the contractor for landscaping works Parkovi-Plus.

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