Increasing knowledge and skills, employability and competitiveness in the labour market and encouraging social inclusion of young people.

Project description:

In order to ensure optimal development conditions and comprehensive and effective support to the challenges that young people in NEET status face (the term “NEET” means young people who are not employed, not educated and not trained), this project is trying to initially establish cross-sectoral cooperation, between the civil society organisation, CZSS and the City of Rijeka. Identification of such young people is the first activity of this programme, followed by other services, specific enough to influence a positive change in the target group and flexible enough to be tailored to the individual needs of each user.

Depending on their needs, users will achieve the following they:

  • will include themselves in individual counselling, group workshops of soft and transversal skills;
  • will be supported in choosing a retraining or training programme or encouraged to complete their education if they have dropped out;
  • will be empowered to deal with unemployment problems;
  • the level of information about their rights and opportunities and about the programmes and services offered to them in the local community will be raised.

NEET young people will be financially supported in lifelong learning through the allocation of financial support provided by this project, as well as funds from the City of Rijeka, and professional support will be provided through involvement in the project ‘Learning Laboratory’ and counselling. Namely, HRK 15,000.00 will be provided from the project, while the City of Rijeka will allocate HRK 3,000.00 to support our project users in lifelong learning. They will be free, with support and counselling provided by UZOR, to choose a training, retraining or education programme of their choice and needs, and with regard to future employment plans and labour market needs, for which they will be granted financial assistance in a full or partial amount.

The entire course and experience of the programme will be used to create an optimum support model for young people in the NEET status and the City of Rijeka will base its future policy and strategy for youth on good practice examples, and also on active and direct participation of young users. Namely, the City of Rijeka has decided to form a working group within this project that will define the criteria of the City of Rijeka for awarding additional support in education to persons in the NEET status, while monitoring their needs and opportunities. This project will:

  • Involve a total of 15 NEET young people in counselling activities carried out by psychologists and social pedagogues of the Association for Family Protection Rijeka, U.Z.O.R .;
  • Involve a total of 10 NEET youth in the ‘Learning Laboratory’ programme organised by U.Z.O.R.;
  • A total of 15 NEET young people will participate in an educational programme consisting of 6 life skill workshops to be designed and implemented by professionals of the U.Z.O.R. Association


Family Protection Association – Rijeka, U.Z.O.R.


City of Rijeka, Social Welfare Centre Rijeka, Social Welfare Centre Opatija


December 2019 – December 2020

Project value:

HRK 86,000.00, of which HRK 83,000.00 provided in the State Budget, and HRK 3,000.00 in the Budget of the City of Rijeka

Financed under:

The Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, through a competition for applying projects aimed at young people for financial support from available funds deriving from part of income from games of chance and the State Budget for 2019: Priority area P.3: Increasing knowledge and skills, employability and competitiveness in the labour market and encouraging the social inclusion of young people

Competent authority:

Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy

For additional information, please contact:

Maša Komadina,

Mirela Pašić,; 051 209 950

Current project status:

An assessment of the needs and characteristics of young people in the NEET status through an online questionnaire is underway.

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