Within the project POS Hostov breg, Phase 2, 90 flats will be constructed

Programme of subsidised housing construction
The subsidised housing construction (POS) programme is implemented by building and selling flats in instalments on more affordable terms than the market ones in terms of interest and repayment terms, and was launched with the aim of enabling Croatian citizens to resolve housing issues on much more favourable conditions than those prevailing in the market, while contributing to the development of the building industry as an economic activity.

Subsidised housing construction: Project of flats POS Hostov breg, phase 2

Realisation: 2020/2023

Building programme:

The project envisages the construction of three condominium buildings with overall 90 flats with access roads and parking spaces and landscaping, in the quarter Hostov breg, in Rijeka following the programme of subsidised housing construction, abbreviated POS Hostov breg, Phase 2.

Evaluation of the investment:

The value of the project Hostov breg Phase 2, has not yet been determined.

Flat prices:

The selling price per sq.m. will be up to HRK 9,000 / sq.m. The flats will be sold on the basis of previously prepared priority lists of the City of Rijeka already during the design and construction process.

The public procurement procedure for design and construction services and the appointment of the chief designer is being prepared. The public procurement procedure for the design and execution of works and the appointment of the chief engineer of the construction site is being prepared. The public procurement procedure for the services of professional and accounting supervision over the execution of works and the appointment of the chief supervising engineer is being prepared. The decision on the appointment of the project manager is being prepared.

City of Rijeka
As a rule, the City of Rijeka provides land for construction and funds for connection to utility infrastructure, and after conducting a public call, it forms a priority list according to which the built flats are sold.


As an investor, the agency procures and coordinates the preparation of project documentation, construction works, obtaining permits for use as well as the sale of built flats and monitors the payment of flats sold on installments.

Subsidised Housing Agency of the City of Rijeka
APOS of the City of Rijeka
Titov trg 3
Agency Head
Hrvoje Šćulac
Tel: tel: 051 209 267

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