The construction of around 30 flats in the quarter of Zamet, located between Zamet Street and Ivan Luppis Street, is under preparation.

POS Zamet makes part of the programme of subsidised housing construction, which the City of Rijeka implements through the Subsidised Housing Agency of the City of Rijeka (APOS), in order to enable citizens to solve their housing problems, that is, to buy a flat on significantly more affordable terms than those prevailing in the market.

The plan of the Subsidised Housing Agency of the City of Rijeka envisages the implementation of the Capital Project “POS Zamet”, i.e. the preparation and construction of a multi-residential building with about 25 apartments, with a net area of about 1,500 sq.m. The above data are based on the Architectural and Urban Study at the location “POS Zamet” for the construction of flts according to the model of subsidised housing construction (Area Arhitekture ltd., 2020).

The property and legal preparation has been completed, as well as a modification of the spatial and planning documentation by adopting the amendments to the Detailed development plan of the centre of the Krnjevo zone in March 2023.

For now, the expected start of the public procurement procedure for design and construction is the third quarter of 2023, and the start of construction in the first half of 2024.

New flats in Zamet will be sold according to the new Priority List, which will be established in accordance with the Decision on the Conditions and Criteria for the purchase of apartments under the programme of subsidised housing construction for a period of three years.

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