Following the example of Civic Education, the City of Rijeka plans to introduce Health Education as an extracurricular activity in the elementary schools founded by the City.

In the course of 2022, all relevant and available research related to the topic will be studied, and started a procedure aimed at gathering experts who would participate in the preparation of the programme and accompanying manuals for students and practice guidelines for teachers.

Some of the likely and necessary topics are certainly healthy habits in terms of movement and proper nutrition, addiction prevention, peer violence that would build on the contents of Civic Education, reproductive health of young people and other topics. Thematic units would be prepared and developed according to age, in order to be adapted to students from 5th to 8th grades.

This initiative was prompted by the same reasons due to which the City of Rijeka independently started introducing Civic Education in its schools, and this is due to the lack of systematic introduction of this education in all Croatian schools. Health education in Croatian schools has existed since 2013, but the City of Rijeka believes that the curriculum implemented as cross-curricular teaching is not sufficient.

Drawing up programmes and manuals

It will be necessary to provide royalties for authors, proofreading, graphic design, visual identity creation and so on. Since all materials will be translated into Italian, the services of translators and proof-readers will be provided.

As in the case of Civic Education, and bearing in mind the importance of implementing Health Education as a separate subject, the City of Rijeka intends to provide free of charge all materials for the implementation of this programme to all local and regional self-government units, and all schools that express their interest, namely that decide to implement the programme.

Teacher education

Given that these are specific, very broad and diverse competencies, it is planned to provide a system of teacher education with the aim of quality programme implementation. The City of Rijeka believes that it is extremely important to find quality and professional partners from the relevant sectors who will give an extremely valuable dimension to topics from Health education and teacher education in general.

Experimental programme implementation

Following the example of Civic Education, it is intended to establish experimental implementation of Health Education in a small number of schools. It is precisely this gradual introduction that can detect possible needs for changes and additions to the offered content and thematic units.

After the experimental implementation, it is planned to conduct an evaluation of Health Education, in order to further improve it and then offer it to all schools as an extracurricular activity.

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