Project title

I think, I act, I decide – enhancing youth participation through their active inclusion in the creation and youth policies advocacy

Project Goal

The general objective of the project titled “I think, I act, I decide – enhancing youth participation through their active inclusion in the creation and youth policies advocacy” is to increase the active participation of young people in the local communities of the City of Rijeka, the City of Opatija and the City of Križevci. By reaching the goal, we want to empower young people to participate in the decision-making process at local level, reduce their distrust in institutions and decision makers, bring young people and decision makers closer together in solving issues of general interest, encourage youth activism and volunteering by applying the model “Initiative that deserves an excellent mark!”

Specific goals:

By contributing to achieve the general project goal, it will be possible to realis the following specific mutually connected goals:

  • Increase the capacity of representatives of local self-government units and youth councils (City of Rijeka, City of Opatija and City of Križevci) to include young people in the creation and advocacy of youth-oriented local policies;
  • Qualify interested persons who work with young people for high-quality work with high school students in the field of active citizenship;
  • Encourage and educate high school students to take over and practice the role of an active citizen in different parts of social life and solve some social problems;
  • Establish a dialogue between high school students, youth councils and decision-makers at local level (City of Rijeka, City of Opatija and City of Križevci).


January 2023 – December 2023 (12 months)

Project summary

The project “I think, I act, I decide – enhancing the participation of young people through their active inclusion in the creation and youth policies advocacy” aims to empower young people and create space and opportunities for young people to be more included in the decision-making processes at local level, in Rijeka, Opatija and Križevci. The activities include all relevant actors in the community (decision makers, people working with young people and young people themselves) and are designed to encourage continuous cooperation between them. The main activities include: training for youth councils, training for people working with young people, training and direct youth work and dialogue between young people and decision makers.

The cities of Rijeka, Opatija and Križevci, i.e. the heads of the Youth Councils of the aforementioned cities, signed a Tripartite Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation in early 2022 with the aim of promoting cooperation on issues important to young people. Owing to this Agreement, young people will exchange experiences and knowledge in areas important to young people, contribute to the development of youth policies and connect the three cities more intensively. They have also formed a joint working group that will determine every year a programme, providing a basis for its implementation. During the meetings, the members of the working group discussed the problem of scholarships and housing policies for young people and defined specific activities to improve the standard of living of young people in their local communities.

Lead Partner

  • Delta Association


  • City of Rijeka
  • City of Križevci
  • City of Opatija


  • Total project value: EUR 17,904.51
  • Total value allocated in the state budget: EUR 13,272.28
  • Total value allocated in the budget of the City of Rijeka: EUR 3,318.07
  • The difference allocated in the budgets of the partner cities – Opatija and Križevci

Competent authority

Central State Office of Demography and Youth – SDUDM

Funded under the programme

Central State Office of Demography and Youth – Invitation to submit applications for funding projects aimed at young people under the available funds deriving from part of the income generated from games of chance and the State Budget 2022.

For additional information please contact

City of Rijeka
Department of Education and Schooling
Lucia Kero

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