Project title: My place under the sun

Duration: 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021

Project goal:

In general, the project is aimed at developing quality, innovative non-institutional services and strengthening intersectoral cooperation with the aim of supporting children and families at risk in the city of Rijeka, and 3 specific goals:

  • Development and implementation of an innovative social mentoring programme for children and families at risk;
  • Providing quality support in the field of non-institutional education, based on modern pedagogical approaches, to children and families at risk;
  • Strengthening intersectoral cooperation and capacity of various service providers in the segment aimed at reducing social exclusion among children and families at risk.

Project activities:

  • Social inclusion of children and families at risk (children at risk of social exclusion),
  • Non-formal education of children at risk,
  • Capacity building of social service providers and intersectoral cooperation (social welfare institutions, educational institutions, civil society organizations).


Project promotor: Centre for the Culture of Dialogue

Partners: City of Rijeka, Association of Parents “Step by Step”, Social Welfare Centre Rijeka

Source of funding: Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy

Project value: HRK 150,000.00.

Contact person for more information: Lana Golob, Department of Education and Schooling, City of Rijeka, e-mail:

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