The Clerk’s Office carries out office tasks (receipt and review of letters and other documents, their classification and distribution, registration in special registers, delivery, shipment, storage and extraction of documents).

Laws and regulations relating to the work of the Office:

  • Decree on office operation (Official Gazette no. 7/09)
  • Law on archival material and archives (Official Gazette No. 61/18)
  • Law on administrative expenses, (Official Gazette no. 115/16)

Clerk’s Office: at Tito sq. no. 3, counter room; work with clients for all administrative bodies of the City of Rijeka)

Opening hours: Monday – Friday; 8.30 – 15.30

Clerk’s Office: at Trpimir st. no. 2, (for activities related to the implementation of spatial planning and construction documents, education, city self-government and administration, sport and technical culture)

Opening hours: Monday – Friday; 8.30 – 15.30

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