Media contacts list (updated – November 2022)

The City of Rijeka sends press releases and invitations to press conferences to addresses of media, journalists and single broadcast programmes available on the list below.

If your media house has changed the address or you do not want to receive notifications from the City of Rijeka, please let us know via e-mail of the media relations associate:

Also, if you want us to include your media house in this list, please let us know the name of your media house and the email address at which you would like to receive notifications.


Within Media Relations, the City of Rijeka cooperates with television companies, radio companies and electronic publications registered in the register of the providers of these services, held by the Agency for Electronic Media.

Representatives of portals, websites and other locations on the Internet, that are not in the registers of the providers of these services, may contact the City of Rijeka within cooperation and communication between the City of Rijeka and the mayor with citizens or within the implementation of the Act on the Right of Access to Information in the City of Rijeka.

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