The Department of Education and Schooling of the City of Rijeka has published a public call for applications for performing the duties of teaching assistants in elementary schools founded by the City of Rijeka.

The assistants are persons who provide direct support to pupils with disabilities integrated into regular classes in development during the educational process for tasks that require communication, sensory and motor activities of pupils, while moving, eating and drinking, performing hygiene needs, in everyday teaching, extracurricular and out-of-class activities.

Teaching assistants provide direct support to pupils, and indirect support to teachers and classmates, but s/he is not a substitute for other forms of assistance. The inclusion of teaching assistants increases social inclusion and facilitates the integration of pupils with disabilities in schools.

Persons who have a minimum of four-year secondary education and have no criminal records may apply. Applicants must have either completed a training programme for assistants for a minimum of 20 hours or undertake to complete it before starting to work.

Employment contracts will be concluded with the selected assistants for a period from April 2022 to June 2022.

Owing to EU funds and the City of Rijeka 73 teaching assistants are available

In this school year 2021/2022, owing to the EU project “RInclusion” 63 teaching assistants are available who work with 73 children, while the financing of 10 additional assistants is provided through the budget of the City of Rijeka. The total value of the project “RInclusion – Model of the City of Rijeka providing support to children with difficulties” in this school year amounts to HRK 2,854,013.40, of which HRK 2,425,911.39 is funded by the European Social Fund, while HRK 428,102.01 is allocated in the budget of the City of Rijeka.

The project “RInclusion” is implemented within the instrument “Providing teaching assistants and professional communication mediators to pupils with disabilities in elementary and secondary educational institutions, phase IV”, pursuant to call UP. of the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020.

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