The Youth Programme of the City of Rijeka is the strategic document that integrates and elaborates the goals and measures whereby the City of Rijeka wishes to respond to the needs and problems encountered by young people at local level and improve, in general, the quality of life for youth.

This programme relates to a four-year period. For every year from 2018 to 2022, an action (annual) plan will be adopted that will contain a detailed analysis of goals and activities specified therein.

The programme stems from the Youth National Programme that focusses on the definition of tasks of single departments and public institutions in the fulfilment of international, constitutional and legal obligations of the Republic of Croatia relating to young people, while taking into account their interests and including them in decision-making processes.

Moreover, the Programme is based on the Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka for the period 2014 – 2020, therefore all the specific features relating to young people in this area have been included in the Programme.

The Programme consists of six areas identified as important to the population aged between 15 and 30, based on a situation analysis of Croatian youth to which this Programme relates. In each area special goals were determined, that the City would like to realise through the proposed measures, and for each measure implementing tasks were determined, implementation promoters and co-operators, implementation deadlines and indicators.

While drawing up the Youth Programme of the City of Rijeka youth organisations and those dedicated to young people were actively included as well as the Youth Council of the City of Rijeka. Furthermore, consultations with interested public were held in order to get feedback from interested public in connection with the proposed Programme.

The areas encompassed by this Programme are as follows: education, professional qualification and training within the life-long learning programme:

  • Employment and entrepreneurship
  • Youth social and health protection
  • Active participation of youth in society
  • Culture and youth
  • Sports, technical culture and free time

Overall, six areas of activities contain 60 measures that encompass 136 implementing tasks.


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