When death occurs at home

When death occurs at home, it is necessary to inform the police by calling 192, which than reports it to a coroner who, after examination, determines the act of death and issues

  • burial permit,
  • confirmation of death and
  • death certificate.

Following the coroner’s post-mortem examination, the family of the deceased calls the on duty service of utility company Kozala on phone no. 512-528 or cell phone n. 091 571 6098, for any necessities relating to transport, equipment and burial of the deceased.

When death occurs in a hospital, a nursing home and other institutions

In this case, the family of the deceased or the person taking care of the burial can contact utility company Kozala for transporting  the deceased to the morgue of the central city cemetery Drenova and the burial place either in the territory of the Republic of Croatia or abroad.

The utility company Kozala picks up and transports bodies daily, throughout the year, from 8:00 to 22:00.



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