The Action Plan for the prevention of vandalism lays down the measures and activities that relate to the prevention of vandalism in the city of Rijeka.

Vandalism is an intentional act that causes damage and / or destruction of public purpose areas and urban equipment, as well as unauthorised affixing of posters and unauthorized graffiti writing.

Measures to prevent vandalism can be preventive and repressive.

Preventive measures aimed at combating vandalism include:

  • intensification of public lighting and installation of video surveillance on public areas where vandalism is frequent,
  • implementation of various information and educational activities with the aim of pointing out to the harmfulness of vandalism,
  • organisation and continuous management of a database on vandalism, based on which the frequency of occurrence and elimination of the consequences of vandalism will be monitored and future activities, will be planned,
  • introduction of the obligation to coat facades that are being renovated and are co-financed from the city budget with a protective coating up to three meters high, with a recommendation to condominium co-owners to do the same.

Other measures include:

  • Community wardens and secretaries of the local boards will intensify their visits and will monitor the appearance of new graffiti and possible damage to urban equipment.
  • The City will organise emergency removal of graffiti as soon as possible after reporting or detecting graffiti, or within 24 hours after notifying the police administration, on City property, public areas or on buildings of companies and societies owned by the City. Removal of harmful consequences in other cases of vandalism (placarding, damage to urban equipment, etc.) will be carried out after reporting the inspection made to the competent Police Administration and in accordance with the financial and operational capabilities of the City. In the event that the perpetrator of an act of vandalism is identified, the removal of harmful consequences will be carried out at his/her expense.

The repressive measures shall mean all activities and actions aimed at punishing the acts of vandalism that occur.

As soon as they identify damage caused by an act of vandalism, the community wardens shall inform the competent police administration so that they can take measures within their competence in order to identify the perpetrator. The decision on communal order lays down that it is forbidden to destroy, damage and write graffiti on urban equipment and exterior parts of buildings or in other way unclean and damage them, and a fine in the amount of HRK 1,000.00 is predicted for a natural person – the perpetrator of a misdemeanour.

Citizens can actively participate in vandalism combating by reporting all illegal activities by calling a toll-free telephone number of the Community Wardens on 0800 51 00 or through an application “Gradsko oko / City Eye”.

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