Yacht regatta “Fiumanka”

During the week in which we celebrate, the Feast of St. Vitus’, patron saint of the city of Rijeka, one of the largest gathering of yachts on the Adriatic coast takes place in Rijeka – a regatta. The race is organised in the regatta field in front of the port of Rijeka. This sporting story started in 2000, when certain yacht enthusiasts from Rijeka launched this manifestation, inspired by the famous regatta Barcolana in Trieste, one of the most crowded world regattas.

The Rijeka regatta has become a tradition in our region, achieving the status of an appreciated sailing event in Croatia and even beyond its boundaries. Yachts from the neighbouring countries regularly visit “Fiumanka”, in particular from Slovenia and Italy that with their achievements have marked the regatta editions until now.

Further information is available on the website of the manifestation  Fiumanka.

International Swimming meeting “Victoria – Primorje” – Grand Prix Hrvatska

The international swimming meeting that every year gathers more than a hundred swimmers from across Europe, in 2015 was included in the competition system Grand prix Croatia. The swimming meeting was organised for the first time in 2009.

International chess tournament for women “The Flower of the Mediterranean”

The international chess tournament for women “The Flower of the Mediterranean” is organised every year during the week in which we celebrate the International Women’s Day and the idea to start a tournament was born in 2000 in order to enable young female chess players to improve their skills and give them a chance to challenge renowned female chess players.

The tournament gathers every year ten female chess players both grandmasters and young domestic promising chess players who match their strength at the Chess Centre Rijeka.

Further information is available on the website of  “The Flower of the Mediterranean”.

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