The Torpedo Day 03 programme is based on the development of robotics and automation necessary for the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship, while to entrepreneurs it provides an opportunity for direct networking.

The goal of the Torpedo Day programme, which is jointly organised by the Rijeka Development Agency Porin, the City of Rijeka and Europe Direct Rijeka, is to highlight and promote new technologies in various industries.

The programme will be held on 15 September at 10 a.m. in the premises of the Torpedo Production Park, and the participants in the programme will be representatives of the University and the private sector who will have an opportunity to present their thoughts regarding the needs and possibilities of development by using robotics and automation in industry.

As announced by the director of the Rijeka Development Agency Porin Dario Zorić, this year’s programme is divided into three parts. “A cooperation agreement will be signed between the Rijeka Development Agency Porin and the Kočevje business incubator, thus formalising long-term cooperation with our Slovenian partners. The second part of the program is B2B matchmaking of companies, a novelty that will enable the exchange of experiences between Rijeka and Slovenian entrepreneurs. Furthermore, since we consider that robotics should be brought closer to the youngest, a presentation of Kubo robotics will be organised for students and teachers of elementary schools in Rijeka, and there will also be a lecture by Yaskawa Europe Robotics, a Japanese corporation for producing robots, with which we will continue to cooperate in the coming months. and I’m glad that they recognised us as a quality partner”, said Zorić.

The head of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Jana Sertić, emphasised the importance of connecting Rijeka and Slovenian entrepreneurs and craftsmen. “Potential cooperation, will enable some of them to enter a foreign market for the first time or expand the market in which they already operate” pointed out Sertić. “The entire programme, especially B2B matchmaking companies, is an opportunity to meet Slovenian entrepreneurs who will be present, and who are engaged in the field of creative technologies and the IT industry. It is an excellent opportunity to create networking and the possibility of further cooperation, and here I am primarily thinking of cooperation in the future Energana (Power plant) – incubator for creative technologies and the IT industry”, explained Sertić.

As part of the programme, a tour around the Torpedo Production Park will be organised, where participants will be shown the latest additive technology, which includes 3D printers, industrial 3D printers, 3D scanners and modelling equipment.

As the head of Europe Direct Rijeka, Doris Sošić, pointed out that in the Torpedo Days programme organised up to then, there had been talks about additive technologies as well as the application of smart solutions in different industries. “Both topics, including robotics and automation, are listed in the guidelines outlined by the European Commission in terms of smart Europe through a sustainable and innovative economy to strengthen the economy by investing in research and innovation, support business competitiveness, digitalisation and the development of skills for smart specialisation and strengthen digital connection”, explained Sošić.

All interested entrepreneurs can apply for participation by filling out the online form available on the website of the Rijeka Development Agency Porin.

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