Division of media relations, online communication and projects relating to transparency in the activity of administration carries out the tasks of providing information to citizens through the media and the websites of the City of Rijeka (www.rijeka.hr ; www.mojarijeka.hrand the tasks of including the interested public in the activity of the city administration through online communication channels.

The content is daily updated with news from the scope of activity of the city administration, institutions and utility companies owned by the City, as well as with information from a wider scope of events taking place in the city.

The Division cooperates with media representatives in direct communication and it develops mechanisms of two-way online communication  between citizens and city administration:

The Division manages the portal content, navigation and design of the city portal, and it offers assistance and support to city administration departments and local boards when publishing information on the websites. The portal editorial boards take care of the content and they coordinate and control content entry.

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