The tasks and activities of the Programme Division are aimed at citizens’ local needs in the field of culture that include:

  • following the situation in the field of culture,
  • providing financial and material conditions for the work of the institutions established and owned by the City,
  • proposing the public needs programme of the City in the field of culture, the distribution of the City’s budgetary funds approved for programmes in the field of museums, galleries, fine arts, librarian and editorial activities, academic, musical, scenic, film and  new media activities, and cultural manifestations,
  • monitoring the purposeful use of budgetary funds of the City and drawing up the City’s strategic cultural policy documents.

The Programme Division monitors the work and management of cultural institutions established and owned by the City, it monitors and encourages the work of associations and other legal and natural persons dealing with culture, it provides professional assistance in the realisation of programmes and in resolving the problems encountered by City budget users dealing with culture, it takes part in the preparation and realisation of cultural manifestations of importance for the City, it brings together and considers the projects proposed by institutional and non institutional cultural organisations and proposes their acceptance, it participates and encourages representation and development of cultural creativity.



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