The Administrative Department of Finance carries out the following administrative and professional activities:

  • activities relating to the keeping and managing of the City Treasury
  • preparing, planning and drafting of the budget proposals of the City, their amendments and preparing supporting acts, monitoring, controlling and analysing the dynamics of the implementation of the income and expenditure budgets, drawing up reports on budget implementation and proposing measures in order to balance the budget
  • performing the City’s borrowing procedures and making warranties and consents to borrowings, monitoring of indebtedness and reporting on the state of debt
  • daily liquidity management, execution of costs and expenses of the consolidated budget
  • central payroll calculation of the consolidated budget
  • maintaining the central register of collateral instruments securing payment
  • treasury operations
  • bookkeeping activities for the City of Rijeka, for the Public fire-fighting brigade of the City of Rijeka, for local boards and the Child Centre Tić Rijeka,
  • tasks of determining and collecting municipal taxes, collecting income deriving from sold municipal flats and managing administrative and tax procedures
  • establishing and developing financial management and control
  • other tasks within the scope of their activity determined by special laws, other regulations and decisions taken by the mayor and the City Council.

Account number for regular transactions of the City of Rijeka is 2402006-1837300005 Proračun Grada Rijeke (Budget of the City of Rijeka)

IBAN: HR3324020061837300005


PID NO. of the City of Rijeka – 54382731928

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