The mayor is at the disposal of citizens twice a month during afternoon hours, and every day citizens may contact him via several diverse communication channels.

You can contact the mayor:

  • by mail:
    Vojko Obersnel, Rijeka mayor
    Korzo 16
    51000 RIJEKA
  • E-mail at the address:
  • through his secretary:
    Iva Novak-Zeoli, secretary to the mayor
    Tel. 051 209 527
    Fax. 051 334 008
  • through the head of the Mayor’s Office
    Doris Šajn, head of the Mayor’s Office
    Tel. 051 209 521
    Fax. 051 209 520

Citizens’ reception by the mayor

The mayor receives citizens in order have dialogue with them, as a rule twice a month, on Tuesday and Wednesday, after 2 P.M.
For a conversation with the mayor and precise appointment, you should contact the secretary to the mayor of the City of Rijeka or apply in writing at the address:

City of Rijeka
Korzo 16
51000 Rijeka

The mayor’s mailbox

The mayor’s mailbox is located at the reception of the City of Rijeka, at the address Korzo 16, Rijeka, ground floor.

Other means of communication with the mayor

The mayor of Rijeka, Vojko Obersnel communicates with citizens also through the form available at the mayor’s official website. 

He is also available via social networks, Twitter and Facebook.


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