The candidates who have received at lest 10% of valid votes cast by the total number of voters who have participated in the election process obtain the right to this reimbursement.

In accordance with the Decision on the rate of reimbursement relating to electoral campaign expenses for the election of heads of municipalities, mayors and county prefects and their deputies, and for the election of deputies to heads of municipalities, mayors and county prefects from among the members of national minorities, i.e. from among the Croatian people (Official Gazette No 51/13) data on the reimbursement of campaign expenses for mayoral elections shall be published.

Campaign expenses relating to mayoral elections are reimbursed from the local budget:

1st round:

1. Vojko Obersnel 60.000,00
2. Hrvoje Burić 20.087,10
3. Predrag Šustar 18.357,59
4. Nikola Ivaniš 13.385,67



2nd round:

1. Vojko Obersnel


2. Hrvoje Burić




Overall (1st and 2nd round) HRK 129,154.02