For procurement which estimated value is equal or above the EU thresholds (high value procurement) full application of EU directives on public procurement has to be provided since economic operators from other Member States, due to its value, are interested in this type of procurement.

Full application of directives has to be provided above all concerning deadlines for taking certain steps during the procedure, deadlines for submitting offers, the dynamics of introducing electronic offer delivery and publication.

From the date of accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, any high value procurement advertisements have to be published also in the Official Journal of the European Union, (TED – Tender Electronic Daily).

EU thresholds are determined by the Directive of the European Commission, which, as a rule, are modified on a biannual basis. For the Member States that do not participate in the euro area (meaning that they have not yet adopted EUR as their currency) the European Commission expresses the appropriate EU thresholds in the local currencies of these Member States in its communications.

On the  main website dedicated to Public Procurement EU threshold values can be found that are applicable since 1 January 2016.

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