The Children’s House hosted the finale of the EU programme “Art & Literature in Education’s Nature! Is it an A.L.E.N.?”

The goals of the project, in which participate pupils attending elementary school Podmurvice and their peers from schools in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Lithuania and Italy, are: learning about art, literature, history, film and civic education, and developing knowledge in computer science and foreign languages.

Exposing children to quality literature can contribute to the creation of responsible, successful and compassionate individuals. In this way, future leaders with social competencies and emotional skills are educated, while art education is a means to develop critical and creative thinking.

In addition to the tasks they have to solve within the project, owing to this international programme, pupils learn about other partner countries’ cultures, which certainly contributes to their individual development.

Participants were welcomed by Sanda Sušanj, head of the Department of Education

During the final event held in the Children’s House, the pupils representing every participating country presented their activities on the posters they had prepared, following this, they were awarded diplomas of participation. The diplomas were handed over to the pupils by the Croatian programme coordinator Alida Devčić Crnić and the head of the Department of Education and Schooling of the City of Rijeka Sanda Sušanj, who wished a warm welcome to our city to project participants, expressing her hope that they would return home with many nice memories and that they would return again. “I am proud that E.S. Podmurvice is a project participant, as this project enables pupils mutual visits and exchange of experiences and examples of good practice. I think this is very important for the development of young people who are our future. The Children’s House, where we are today, was created within the European Capital of Culture project and we are very proud because this place embodies all the values that we would like to be adopted by children such as knowledge, creativity, social awareness, fun, innovation, and also games and imagination and that is why we are happy that we have an entire house that is the children’s empire “, emphasised Sanda Sušanj.

Elementary school Podmurvice will continue its cooperation with the European schools from Turkey, Greece, Spain, Lithuania and Italy through contacts realised during individual mobility programmes, and also through the eTwinning portal and the project’s joint website.

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