The solemn hand over of the concession contract and the opening of the doors of the future marina to citizens has marked the beginning of the realisation of the project relating to the construction of the future ACI Marina in the area of Porto Baroš in Rijeka.

This is the largest investment in nautical tourism in the history of the Republic of Croatia, worth more than EUR 50 million, which will be carried out by the company ACI-GITONE. The company ACI-GITONE, which consists of the companies ACI and GITONE Kvarner has obtained a 30-year concession for this maritime domain of almost 106,000 square meters. The realisation of this strategic capital project will generate the most luxurious and technologically most advanced marina, not only on the Adriatic coast, but also in the Mediterranean.


The solemn hand over and a tour of the future ACI Marina Rijeka was attended by Oleg Butković, Vice President of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, County Deputy President Marina Medarić, Marko Filipović, Mayor of the City of Rijeka, Anđelko Petrinić, member of the Management Board of ACI-GITONE, Johannes Bck, member of the Management Board of GITONE Kvarner and ACI-GITONE, Kristijan Pavić, President of the Management Board of ACI, Ivan Herak, member of the Management Board of ACI, Josip Ostrogović, member of the Management Board of ACI, Ana Odak, member of the Management Board of GITONE Kvarner, Teuta Duletić, executive director of Lürssen Design Center Kvarner, Denis Vukorepa, head of the Rijeka Port Authority and Darko Glažar, captain of the Rijeka Harbour Masters Office and the former mayor of Rijeka, Vojko Obersnel.

“With the construction of the new ACI marina in Rijeka, this central part of the city will become enticing, attractive and will really change Rijeka in the right direction. This marina has been announced for a long time, it has already gone through all the procedures, and it is very important to emphasise that it has the support of all stakeholders important for the realisation of this project – the City of Rijeka, the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and the Government of the Republic of Croatia”, said Oleg Butković, Vice President of the Government and Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

“Today, a step has been taken towards the realisation of this very large and important project for Rijeka – by 2025, I expect that yachts and boats to be moored here. The construction of ACI Marina Rijeka will not only change the look of this part of the city, but it is a project that is important for positioning Rijeka on both the tourist and economic map of Croatia and a wider region,” said the mayor of Rijeka, Marko Filipović, in his press statement, adding that he had no doubts that the company ACI-GITONE would fulfil its contractual obligations.


The future ACI marina Rijeka, with around 230 moorings and many contents, will completely change the vision of the city of Rijeka and the tourist offer of the entire Kvarner region and the Republic of Croatia, and more than 130 new jobs are planned in the first phase of operation. The area of Porto Baroš, which until now was inaccessible to citizens, will open its doors and will enable Rijeka citizens and other visitors to use the promenade, restaurants, shops and many other facilities that will greatly contribute to the improvement of the social life of the city of Rijeka. In addition to boaters, the new marina will be open at all times to the citizens of Rijeka and their guests. The construction of the ACI marina in Rijeka will completely change the vision of the city, and Rijeka will transform from a transit port into a tourist centre that will attract boaters.

(Photo: City of Rijeka; visualisations: ACI-GITONE)


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