Having processed all the proposals, for every intervention included in the Plan, it is necessary to:

  • Draw up a list of expenses relating to works
  • Choose the supplier and the contractor (conducting bidding in public procurement)
  • Timely inform the secretary and the local board council about the beginning of works with all necessary information (contractor, envisaged deadline, road closure …)
  • Determine the dynamic of works
  • Monitor the performance of works
  • Monitor spending of money
  • Coordinate works with other participants and interventions
  • Look for a solution in case that a “surplus” or “shortage of funds should appear
  • If one or several interventions are realised with less money than estimated by the plan, additional priorities are established
  • Additional priorities are established in accordance with the competence of the entity where the difference has appeared (Rijeka promet, Energo, Common municipal activities division)
  • Additional proposals may be submitted by the entities themselves or the local board council may submit its own proposal

Reports on realised municipal priorities

  • local board councils are entitled to inspect the list of costs of single interventions in the premises of the entities that are competent for each intervention
  • The Utility Services Department shall draw up semi-annual and annual reports on realised interventions that are adopted by the City Council
  • Part of works are called carried over works, namely the works that will be realised next year, works which dynamic did not take place as planned due to certain circumstances (bad weather conditions, unsuccessful bidding in public procurement etc.)

Citizens may follow the proposing process, realisation and reports on realised municipal priorities of each  local board  on its home page, i.e. under the headings Acts of the Council and Notices and Registration.


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