Information on setting up a craft business or a limited liability company.

Setting up a craft business

Setting up a craft business is a simple procedure, it depends on the activity that you intend to perform.

A craft business is set up by sending an application to the State Administration of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County, Economy Service and is entered into the Register of Craft Businesses.

Detailed information on craft businesses is available on the website of  HITRO.HR, service and  e-Obrt service as well as on the website of the Advisory Service of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts .

Setting up a limited liability company

By putting in place  HITRO.HR  service, the company registration procedure has been simplified and abbreviated to a large degree.

In Rijeka, the counter of  HITRO.HR service is situated in the premises of the Financial Agency, at the address Fran Kurelac 10, where you can get a list of necessary documentation and forms for registering it in the Court Register with the Commercial Court.

The procedure of registering a limited liability company is somewhat more complex, therefore it is advisable to leave the registration of a limited liability company to a law firm.


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