An entrepreneur can find an adequate employee via media advertising or the Croatian Employment Service.

Croatian Employment Service

The registered needs for an employee can be submitted to the Croatian Employment Service.
The website of the CES provides a database showing available job offers.

Private employment companies

An adequate employee can be found via other services as well, such as the website Moj posao or Posao.

Employment of people with disabilities

The Department of Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of People with Disabilities has been operating at the Croatian Employment Service since 2003, with the aim of integrating people with disabilities into the labour force.

How to employ a foreigner

A foreigner can be employed in the Republic of Croatia on the basis of an employment or a business permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior, i.e. the Police Administration.

Employing regular high school students

The institution “Youth Centre” Rijeka carries out intermediation activities on the occasion of employment of regular high school students.


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