The Croatian Regions Office in Brussels started its operation in 2007. Since the very beginning, the City of Rijeka has been cooperating with the Croatian Regions Office thus enabling access to European institutions and organisations of key significance for regional development. The Croatian Regions Office provides information on events in the European Union tied to regional development and on possibilities to cooperate with European cities and regions.

Brussels is the seat of many institutions and administrative bodies of the European Union. About 4,900 organisations have been given accreditation by  the European Parliament, while Member States and EU candidate countries have opened almost 300 regional offices there. It also hosts various Chambers of Commerce and other institutions tied to the economy.

Cooperation with the Croatian Regions Office in Brussels is aimed at providing a quality presentation of the City of Rijeka before the institutions and organisations of the European Union and at timely providing information about possibilities to access EU funds dedicated to the implementation of development and other projects.

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