The operational programme with 22 measures adapted to the requests of entrepreneurs


The goal of the General programme aimed at encouraging the development of entrepreneurship in the city is to create a favourable entrepreneurial environment for entrepreneurial activities, the development of entrepreneurial climate and to provide the preconditions for the development of entrepreneurial skills in the territory of the city of Rijeka.

The programme includes 22 measures overall with the aim of strengthening the competitive positioning of entrepreneurs in the market, obtaining practical education and better information on entrepreneurship, improving the conditions that relate to available financial resources, using entrepreneurial spaces and information infrastructure in order to realise entrepreneurial ventures, raising the level of entrepreneurial culture and resolving social problems by applying entrepreneurial principles.

This is an operative document which is based on national strategic documents from the field of the development of entrepreneurship and the strategic development documents of the city of Rijeka that has been adapted to entrepreneurship demands.

The new General programme of measures aimed at encouraging the development of entrepreneurship in the territory of the city of Rijeka was adopted in 2014, with regard to the earlier programme this one has been directed to a wider area of entrepreneurial activity. Thus the measure of encouraging social entrepreneurship has been determined and two new measures that relate to the assignment of grants to entrepreneurs, for some of the existing measures in which entrepreneurs expressed major interest the amounts of subsidies have increased, while some of them have been improved and adapted to the demands and needs of entrepreneurs. The novelties of the programme also relate to the development of new entrepreneurial infrastructure within the Youth Start up Incubator and the Creative Industry Incubator.