Possibilities of organising outdoor and indoor events and extended working hours of hospitality facilities during various manifestations.

Organising indoor events

  • Organisers of an event, prior to its holding in a public place, must obtain certain permissions:
  • The holding of an event as a public gathering should be registered with the competent police administration, and the obligation of the organiser is to keep peace and quiet during such a gathering (depending on the size of the event, the police administration sets the necessary number of security guards and assesses whether the first aid service and fire-fighters should be engaged).
  • They request from the City of Rijeka to specify the location where a temporary structure and items required in order to hold the event would be placed (more information about the manner of occupying a public place and occupancy fees is available in the article Setting up temporary structures and advertising and promotional items in public places).

Determining the location of a temporary structure – occasional events

The organisers should ask the City of Rijeka to authorise the placement of temporary facilities and articles required for holding an event.

The request for temporary use of real estate in order to place temporary facilities, promotional and advertising items during holiday events, occasional and public events of sport, cultural, technical, political, activism, humanitarian, ecological, educational and similar nature.

Furthermore, organisers may ask the City of Rijeka to use stands and railings as well as electricity and water connections.

  • Competent departments: Utility Services Department
  • Stage rentals: Department of Culture
  • Handling stands owned by the City: Eni Pivac
  • Use of public areas for placing temporary facilities, holding manifestations etc.; locations for placing temporary facilities (modular structures, kiosks, mobile offices, service appliances, entertainment appliances, amusement parks etc.); use of real estate owned by the City of Rijeka for advertising purposes (banners, flags, advertising surfaces, advertising structures, advertising appliances, advertising columns, advertising cabinets and advertising boards): Astrid Duletić 
  • Maintenance of temporary connections: No employee has been charged with this task
  • Determining a location: Department of urban planning

Extended working hours of hospitality facilities during manifestations

Bar and restaurant owners may submit a request to be granted approval of extended working hours of their hospitality facilities in order to organise occasional celebrations and during events of relevance to the city.

  • Competent department: Department of entrepreneurship


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