The Croatian Agency for SMEs and Investments (HAMAG INVEST) was established by the Republic of Croatia pursuant to the Act on Incentivising the Development of SMEs. The activities of HAMAG INVEST fall within the competence of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts. The Croatian Agency for SMEs and Investments was established with the aim of offering quality support in operation of SME entities, thus enabling easier and faster economic development at national level.


  • Incentivising the establishment and development of SMEs
  • Incentivising SME investment
  • Loans to SMEs
  • Issuing loan guarantees
  • Providing financial support to reduce loan costs
  • Subsidising loan interest
  • Conducting invitations to tender for giving on lease or selling property items
  • Providing support in order to increase employment
  • Providing support to the development of modern technology
  • Providing support for participation in international fairs and exhibitions
  • Development of female and youth entrepreneurship
  • Other professional activities
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