The Chamber of Handicrafts of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County was established in 1985 with the purpose of joining the activity of handicraft associations. The Chamber has more than 9,500 members from the field of production crafts, the hospitality industry, transport and trade, intellectual service providers of the economic character, and any other economic activities performed in an artisanal manner. The Chamber office operating at the address Zanonova 1/III, takes care of rights realisation, it offers assistance in resolving problems or in realising an entrepreneurial venture.

Goals of the Chamber:
issues relating to the promotion of private ownership development,
providing initiative and motions for passing acts, regulations and measures in the economic system aiming to improve production conditions and achieve faster development of private entrepreneurship,
following and analysing the situation, movements, and business results in private entrepreneurship,
presentations and promotion of opportunities for private entrepreneurship,
– offering economic and legal services to individual members, when a problem has a general character etc.
In addition to vocational associations, through the Chamber of Handicrafts it is possible to take the master craftsman exam and qualification exams for the needs of opening linked and privileged crafts , the list of which is available in the Regulation on linked and privileged crafts and the manner of issuing privileges, namely in amendment to the Regulation.


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