The development fee is a pecuniary and public contribution payable by people liable to pay water service tariffs and is used to finance the construction of water supply facilities.

The development fee ranges from 0,25 eura (1.86 HRK) to 0,37 eura (2.82 HRK) per cubic metre of delivered water

The payer of the development fee is the person liable to pay the water service tariff in the water supply territory of the city of Rijeka, as part of the water supply territory that is under the competence of the Supplier.

A unit of measurement of the delivered water service, namely one cubic metre of delivered water (1 m3), has been determined as a basis for the calculation of the development fee. It has also been determined that the development fee is to be calculated in addition to the water service tariff.

The development fee is income of the utility company Vodovod i kanalizacija.

Income deriving from the development fee is used to finance project and other preparatory documentation, feasibility studies and construction analyses relating to water supply facilities projects and to finance building projects.

All income deriving from the development fee is used in accordance with the Construction Plan for water supply facilities and the Financial Plan.

The development fee is payable through a delivered bill for the water service and is stated as a separate item on the bill issued for the mentioned service.

The calculation and collection of the development fee is supervised by the City, Utility Services Department, Planning, Development and Construction Division.

Socially disadvantaged citizens who gained this status in accordance with the Decision on Social Welfare are exempt form paying the development fee.

The development fee tariffs are given in the price list of the water services provided by the utility company  “Vodovod i kanalizacija”.

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