The utility rate is a pecuniary and public contribution payable by owners or beneficiaries of residential, business and garage premises, building land that serves for performing business activities and underdeveloped building land

The utility rates range from 0.17 to 152.00 HRK

The utility rate is a legal obligation pursuant to the Utilities Act (Official Gazette No 68/18,  110/18 and 32/20) and the Decision on the Utility Rate ("Official Gazette" of the City of Rijeka No. 3/19 and 6/20).

The decision on the utility rate lays down the amount of the utility rate per square metre (sq. m.) of the property and the payment deadline.

The appeal brought against the decision on the utility rate shall not defer its execution.

The utility rate is payable for the entire territory of the city.

The utility rate is calculated per sq. m. of surface of residential, business or garage premises for a useful area unit, which is established in the manner predicted by the Regulation on the conditions and criteria for determining a protected tenancy (Official Gazette No 40/97,117/05), for a building plot per actual surface unit. The amount of the utility rate per sq. m. of the billing area of real property is determined by multiplying:

  • the value of the billing unit – point, determined in the amount of HRK 15.24 per sq. m. corresponds to the annual amount of the utility rate per sq. m. of the useful dwelling surface in the fist city zone;
  • zone coefficient;
  • coefficient of the scope.

The funds collected on behalf of the utility rate are intended to finance the maintenance and construction of utility infrastructure.

The utility rate can be applied for financing other scopes, in the event of emerging special circumstances that include an event or a certain condition that could not be predicted, and that left no possibilities to exert any influence, that endanger citizens’ lives and health, high value property items, that significantly endanger the environment, deteriorate the economic activity or cause significant economic damage, in respect of which the minister competent for construction brings in a special decision.

Pursuant to the decision taken by a representative body of a local-self government unit, the funds collected on behalf of the utility rate can also be used in order to maintain education, health and social buildings, public sports and cultural buildings, as well as to improve energy efficiency of the buildings owned by the City of Rijeka.

Release from utility rate payment

The user of residential premises who is entitled to a subsidy to settle his rental costs, as part of housing costs shall be released from utility rate payment, in accordance with the general act brought in by the City whereby regulating social welfare.

The owner or user of residential premises – Croatian Homeland War invalid and immediate family members of a deceased, imprisoned or missing Croatian defender in the Homeland War are entirely released from payment obligation relating to the utility rate.

Exceptionally, an owner or a user of business premises or building land that serve for performing the business activity shall be released from the obligation to pay the utility rate, that in accordance with the National Command for Civil Protection is comprised by the work suspension measure pursuant to the decision taken by the competent minister on the occurrence of special circumstances under conditions of the proclaimed epidemic of COVID-19.


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