Incentives are provided to new entrepreneurs through incubators, while through co-working they have possibilities of networking and working in joint business premises.

The City of Rijeka, already in 2006, among the first cities in Croatia, recognised the importance of providing assistance to entrepreneurs in an early phase of the realisation of entrepreneurial ideas and ventures. Two business incubators have been set up that enable Rijeka entrepreneurs to hire business premises under favourable conditions. On behalf of the City of Rijeka, the business incubators are managed by the Rijeka Development Agency Porin.

Furthermore, following labour market trends and requests of the younger population to enter the world of entrepreneurship, the City of Rijeka, towards the end of 2012, launched the project titled Start-up incubators for young people. The Start-up incubator is dedicated to students and young people or to teams aged up to 29, who in addition to mentoring and advisory assistance, are given a possibility to develop their own business ideas.

At the beginning of 2015, the Rijeka Development Agency Porin launched the first open business space – co-working space, in the city of Rijeka, aiming to enrich its offer of services to entrepreneurs and craftsmen.

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