The City of Rijeka provides financial support through grants intended for entrepreneurs.

Measures aimed at encouraging the development of small enterprises in the City of Rijeka

In accordance with the strategic guidelines of the City of Rijeka, for many years already, the Department of Entrepreneurship has been developing and implementing measures aimed at encouraging the development of small enterprises in the city of Rijeka. Through its General programme aimed at encouraging the development of entrepreneurship in the city of Rijeka the following measures have been systematised: those aimed at strengthening entrepreneurial competitiveness, new forms of education and information about entrepreneurship, improving the availability of financial resources and efficient use of spatial and information infrastructure for realising entrepreneurial projects.


Grants are awarded to small enterprises, with the purpose of encouraging the entrepreneurs’ competitive advantage in the market and offering a possibility of professional training and education for their employees.

Grants are awarded on the basis of public invitations, that the City of Rijeka publishes annually, while public invitations for commercialising an innovative product or a service are published by the City of Rijeka and the Fund that finances the creation of prototypes.

Through twenty measures, entrepreneurs may realise grants in the amount from 50 to 80 per cent of investment costs, provided that the maximum amount of grants, depending on each measure, range from HRK 15,000 to 70.000.

Measures in the field of “Strengthening entrepreneurial competitiveness”

  • Subsidising product and process certification
  • Subsidising the development of brand products and/or services
  • Subsidising the introduction of an IT system and applications in business operation
  • Subsidising the costs of implementing industrial design
  • Subsidising the acquisition and building in of machinery and equipment
  • Subsidising the costs of starting up an economic activity of business starters,
  • Subsidising the costs of drawing up project proposals for EU funds co-financing
  • Co-financing the marketability of innovative products or services,

Measures in the field of “New forms of education and information in entrepreneurship”

  • Subsidising the costs of education, professional training and specialisation of employees

Measures in the field of “Financing entrepreneurship”

  • Subsidising arrangement fees and interest rates on entrepreneurial loans

Measures in the field of “Promotion of entrepreneurial culture”

  • Subsidising the organisation of fair events






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