Why Rijeka?

With its geographic position, traffic connections and developed infrastructure, as well as with the openness and multicultural spirit of its citizens, Rijeka represents a suitable place for investment and business.

Rijeka is the largest Croatian port, located at the crossroad of Central European and Adriatic and Mediterranean routes with the shortest maritime connections to end destinations. Its history is based on tradition in industrial manufacturing, the shipbuilding industry, the production of petroleum products, pharmaceutical products, the service sector and new technology application in cooperation with the academic community.

The Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka for the period from 2014 to 2020 has defined three strategic goals: to position Rijeka globally by developing the Rijeka transport corridor, develop a competitive economy on a knowledge based society and new technology and enable dignity of all citizens by strengthening social inclusion and developing projects of common interest.

Top notch equipment available at the University of Rijeka and its constituents, and cooperation with the economic sector is a basis for a further development of Rijeka and its neighbouring areas.

The past decade in Rijeka was marked by large investments made in sports infrastructure, port capacity extension, traffic infrastructure and scientific and research infrastructure during the construction of the university campus.

Moreover, utility infrastructure underwent renewal, the Site plan was adopted as well as the General Development Plan, quality and professional staff hired and its orientation towards innovations, new technology and support to the economy make Rijeka a quality location for making new investments.

The promotion of Rijeka as a new cruise and yachting destination and the decision whereby assigning the title of European Capital of Culture 2020 to Rijeka, have great relevance for the economy of Rijeka.


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