Coworking is a form of entrepreneurship which is based on networking and activities performed by different professionals in joint business premises.

At the beginning of 2015, the Rijeka Development Agency Porin set up the first open business premises – coworking space, in the city of Rijeka, wishing to enrich its service offer to entrepreneurs and craftsmen.

These business premises that can be taken on lease, are intended for entrepreneurs who do not need to have their own business premises or their own business premises, in certain situations, (business meetings, presentations) do not meet their specific needs.

The opens business premises are used pursuant to a request sent to Porin. The agency determines the time schedule when the business premises can be used. It also fixes the fee for using the premises, with the consent of the City, Department of Entrepreneurship.

The second coworking space in Rijeka with 35 workplaces has been opened in the premises of the new cultural centre in Rijeka, RiHub.

Coworking in RiHub is primarily dedicated to independent activities in cultural, creative and other industries, that live or temporarily sojourn in Rijeka and do not have a unique place of operation.

Until further notice, the coworking space can be used free of charge.

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