In accordance with the Cultural Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka 2013-2020, the City of Rijeka grants subsidies in order to encourage literary creativity through a public invitation to tender in the same manner in which invitations for the proposal of programmes of the Public Necessities in the field of culture are submitted.

Applications can be submitted for the award of quarterly (HRK 15,000 gross) or semi-annual (HRK 30,000 gross) literary creativity subsidies.

After the expiry of the subsidy, the author is obliged to submit the script written in that period. The script in such form will be available for members of the Rijeka Civic Library for reading as an electronic document that will enable the author of the script to get feedback from readers, connect with readers, improve their scripts, create a readers base for the distribution of the contents once the piece of work is published.

The platform for drawing up and distributing e-books Smashwords was chosen for publishing due to its openness, flexibility and adaptability to its users.

All books published in electronic forms in the E-Library Encouraging Literary Creativity are free of charge for downloading and reading on the web pages of the Rijeka Civic Library and on the Smashwords platform

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